Friday, December 7, 2007

Steelheading and friends in Smithers BC

1) Kispa checkin' out late season steelie 2) Lisa and Will on the Kispiox 3) Hudson Bay Mountain view from Lisa's cabin 4) Dogs givin' er 5) Kispa and Will on one slippery Babine logging road

Kispiox River BC: images from 07 season

Images: 1) Todd Hooked up 2) Kispa Checkin' out the battle 3) Simon on the net 4) black 'n white of Kispa 5) nice Kis doe in the net

Thursday, December 6, 2007

steelheading BC-a look back to the fall 07

images: 1) Busy on the beach, Kispa chilling out while Will makes one last cast and Larry rolls in the rope (Gary Flagel image) 2) !2 year old scotch arounf the fire at camp Roaring Grizzly 3) Kiss the cook 4) Serious portage, Kispa took care of sticks 5) Will and Kispa with Morice steelie

PHOTOS: Ila Graham...walkin' and talkin'

Here are a few shots of my little niece Ila and her mom and dad. She is growing up so quick and I can not wait to see her.