Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Look Back: Conejos Guides Weekend

Had the pleasure (was it really?) to spend a weekend with a group of fish bums on the Conejos River in southeastern Colorado. It just so happens it was a group of guys I work with and spend time with. We hugged the kids, kissed the wives good bye before speeding off with steaks, booze and gear in tow. It was a blast for sure. Meteor showers, sasquatches, rouge cows, buzzes and plenty of trout were on hand. The cast: Josh Curtis (our default guide), Josh Jarvis, Chris Meyer, Nate Bronson, Tim Hebbard and Will Blanchard Date: Aug 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Late fall in the Southwest

A spawned-out Kokanee near Durango Colorado.
Kokanee (land-locked Pacific sockeye salmon) are suited to the large, fluctuating mountain reservoirs of Colorado. These silver fish with black spots on the upper half of their bodies can be found  swimming in compact schools feeding on zooplankton, a food source unaffected by the drawing down of reservoirs. They turn reddish in color and males develop a “hook jaw” during the fall spawning season.
go kokanee go!
off with their heads!
end game...but the cycle continues
layers and bends
He ate it! He ate it!
cold river warming
sunny tail
otter print
digital darkroom:
bow and bugger
ghost angler
cold tracks
ice brown
baldy games
out of here
Will Blanchard casting
brookie solo spawning...kinda funny
Nate Bronson and a stunning brown.
Noodle master....
buzzzzzworm sign
pork chop