Tuesday, July 31, 2012

what is missing....

one trout, two trout
one tooth, two tooth
to no tooth at all

Aug 1st kicks off "Kids Fish Free" here at Animas Valley Anglers. Bryant Williams along with his two sons Jack and Carter and his father-in-law Gill jumped in our boats for a days fishing on the San Juan this past Monday.

The entire gang did very well with numerous trout jumping on their flies trough out the day. Jack, age 6, was very proud of his first trout from the San Juan River. But he was equally proud of his 2nd front tooth that fell out half way through the days fishing. His dad snapped numerous photos during the day and I choose two that I feel are the best "grip and grin" shots I have seen in a long time. A big thanks to Bryant , Carter,  Jack and Gill for spending the day with us. Thanks for sharring the photos Bryant.


 Will B and Nate Bronson