Friday, May 30, 2008

Hanging with Bill and Ann-Root Pond and Juan

Our spring season is slowly slipping into summer. Last week it was snow and wind. Today? Sunny and warm. A few days ago I enjoyed a two day combo with Bill and Ann from New Mexico. These fishing friends visit us every month or so and enjoy all the diversity our region has to offer. We headed over to Root Pond on the first day then down to the San Juan below Navajo Dam on the second day. The wind decided to blow at Root Pond (check the first photo were my hat is safely in the drink) but the fish were on the bite. The Juan offered persnickety trout in the morning and then gave way to an excellent hatch of BWOs were the fish were keyed on the emergers and nymphs. It was a big fish day for sure. Ann was on a roll with four fish to the net all over the 20 inch mark. We all had a blast, Kispa included. Ann, being a lab lover sent me a fantastic book titled, Marley and Me by John Grogan. Great read so check it out. Thanks you guys. Cheers. -wb