Friday, January 25, 2008

A day with Pierce Clegg on the Babine River

images: 1) Pierce hooked up late season on the Babine. 2) Landing the steelie, as you can see in the images there is a ton of snow on the banks, so landing can be tricky. 3) Dusky steelhead. 4) Pierce releases the fish back to the deke 5) Late day light in the BC wilderness

Steelheading Images: Late Season Babine

Image: 1) Upper Babine morning mist and swans 2) Kispa in paw to fin battle with babine Steelhead 3) Late in the day battle with Babine steelie 4) Steelie Kispa and I landed on a cold day late season 5) I call this one "Happy Steelheader". The bear spray that was on my wading belt added a funny imprint in the snow eh?