Wednesday, January 27, 2010

snow up to your...

After it dumps 35-inches in 4 days you go ride or ski right? No no, head for the creek. We post-holed, nearly set off an avalanche, made a ton of casts and had a blast. Durango Colorado did in-fact receive a lot of snow last week. We are now up to %100 of normal snowpack. Not many places in the West can say that. Happy trout come spring and summer.


  1. Props on beating your self up in the cold,, the things we do for trout in colorado huh? were you one the dolores?

  2. No, the Dolores is iced over in most spots. We have been putting our time in on the Animas here in Durango and the San Juan below Navajo Dam. It has been good for sure. We have pretty nice weather down here in the Southwest.