Monday, February 8, 2010

(updated) House Bill 10-1188-Passes with 7 to 3 Vote

Bill 10-1188 passed Monday, February 8th 2010, with a 7 to 3 vote. This bill will give River Outfitters, in Colorado, the right to offer float fishing trips trough private property. Outfitters and guides will be protected under state law when incidental trespass occurs. This would be the case if a raft or drift boat bumps a bank or rock. This would also allow a guide to portage around a hazard or obstacle. Float fishing is all about respect for the environment, the fish and private property.

click this link or cut and paste it to see the Bill


image: Quick lunch break for the guides and guests on a chunk of public US Forest Service land that is locked by private property on all four sides.Rio Grande River near Creede Colorado


  1. what exactly do you mean by "protected"?

  2. good point. the right to float through private property.

  3. My own father moved from colorado to montana for mainly this reasion. As a life long resident of colorado, I am ashamed to say, when it comes to water and land, colorado is made up of nothing but, snobs who think they're saints ,,plain and simple! we've learned to float quietly through these areas wishing we could stop. as the traditional whoop!! evolves in to a quiet, lets get the f--- out a here!