Monday, January 3, 2011

Benjamin Rally Blanchard's first trout

Benjamin was born December 15th, 2010 on a chilly snow-blown day in Durango Colorado. He slid out into the world at 11:48 am after a long 14 hours of labor. Amanda wanted a natural birth and that is what she got. No pain meds to speak of, unless you would really count Tylenol PM the night before. Amanda and Will, maybe a little sleep deprived, still found the energy to take young Ben for his first fishing excursion down on the Animas River. They loaded all the new kid gear, fly rods, dogs and the "little one" and headed for a little fishing on Christmas Day. At ten days young Ben was very impressed with the fact that his mom out fished his dad.


  1. That was so so cool! really thanks for sharing

  2. Great pics, that's awesome that your wife fly fishes. My wife wouldn't let our newborn within 100ft of a stream.