Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Colorado Outfitter Rule Change for Float Fishing

No more bulky life jackets for our float fishing clients on our Colorado fisheries! Here is the official word from Colorado Parks and Wildlife...

The first change (for December 2011) allows passengers to use specific type III personal flotation devices (pfd’s). It was a concern of the Commission that because type III pfd’s varied so much, they wanted to ensure that passengers were still properly protected. The criteria that must be met to be used by passengers is, “All Type III personal flotation devices must have a minimum of 2 adjustable straps on the side, 1 adjustable waist strap and adjustable shoulder straps, capable of retaining the wearer in swift water conditions. Type III personal flotation devices must be intended for paddling or kayak use by the U.S. Coast Guard and labeled accordingly.”

Kris Wahlers
River Outfitter Licensing Coordinator
Colorado Parks & Wildlife

So, from here on out, AVA will be offing the most comfortable PFDs possible for our guests to use on their trips with us. No more giant, bulky "white water" life jackets with the head flap that catches in the wind. AVA has been working with State Parks and Wildlife for a number of years to achieve this rule change.


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