Sunday, October 28, 2007

BC Adventures

The roar of a boar grizzly punched hard into the ink black night. The haunting sound echoed down the river watch said 3:12 am...sure glad I had the fabric of my ultra-light tent between us and them. To hear a grizzly bear growl is one thing, to hear them roar 50 yards away will make the hairs on the back of your neck just fall out. And that was just the first night.

Had the pleasure to set up a four day three night river trip on a trib of the Skeena River in north central BC. The trip was made up of Larry Falk, Gary Flagel, Kispa and myself. The name of the river you ask? Sorry, no can do. I'll just say the trip was full of adventure: mild white water, eagles, ravens, steelies, trout, bull trout, salmon, grizzlies, black bears, great camps, friends and the pure feeling of wilderness. Good fishing was interrupted only by the scenery and wildlife. Kispa proved to be a great bear dog in camp as well as on the river. She informed us a number of times of creatures that were working up or down the river bank, just off our camps. One night a griz growled to let us know it was there, Kispa responded and we could hear the bear charge away up river. We even heard the bear bump into one of the rafts. Just another night in the bush eh?Enjoy the images from this wicked trip.

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