Sunday, October 28, 2007

Smithers, b-days, new and old friends!

Last night was a fun and rowdy affair. It was costume night in Smithers and Smithers does it up big time. Town was in full swing with two dances, a Smithers Steelheads hockey game, birthday dinner and good times with old and new friends alike. It was simply a great day. Jim and Marie Ziegler cooked up one of their fantastic b-day dinners of moose steaks, prawns, potatos and home made red wine. The b-day dinner was for David, who turned 23 yesterday and his girlfriend Anna who turns 25 today. (she is such a cougar). The party shifted to David and Noelle's house, then to a dance, then to another house party, then off to the Twin Bar for more dancing and Tom-foolery. Thanks to you all for the laughs and good times. Big hugs and high fives to my late night crew of Josh, Lisa and Erin. Josh, good luck with your new her! Lisa sorry Kispa left a gift in your ditch and jumped up with muddy paws. She loves ya and just wanted to say Hi. Thanks for the smiles and hospitality. Wish we had more photos, but here are a couple from last night. Cheers.

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